Welcome to the Asia Round 1 page of Mr. Sicilia's History 7 Class

In our class we divide Asia into to parts, called rounds. This page is for round 1 of Asia.
*Asia Round 1 Test scheduled for Friday, February 5th, 2010. Click on the following link to download the review packet:

Asia Round 1 includes the regions of Southwest Asia, Central Asia, and the Indian Subcontinent

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Race Through Asia Round 1

In our second race we will divide Asia into two parts, since it is so big and there are so many countries. Below you will find the order of events of the race. Each event will result in moves for each team, with the best work receiving the most moves.

Race Order of Events

1. Religion Slideshow Project
2. Country Factsheets
3. Unit Map
4. Southwest Asia Chapter and Quiz
5. Central Asia Chapter and Quiz
6. Indian Subcontinent Chapter and Quiz
7. Race Trivia