World Religions Chapter

World Religion Readings (homework):

World Religions WebQuest and Slideshow

This week we are going to work in our new Race Teams and do a Webquest, which is an online activity where you follow a specific process to learn something new and demonstrate what you have learned in some way. We will loosely follow the webquest "Exploring Religions of the World", but we will use that as a starting point. After going through the webquest resources you may use other online resources to explore the world religion that your group is assigned.

Step 1: Complete a rough draft of your slides for the Group Slideshow

Slideshow Directions:

Internet Research Resources (visit these sites and look for or search for your assigned religion)

Kidipede-History for Kids

Optional Religion Specific Worksheets
Judaism:external image x-zip.png Judaism WS.docx
Hiduism:external image x-zip.png Hinduism WS.docx
Buddhism:external image x-zip.png Buddhism WS.docx
Christianity':external image x-zip.png Christianity WS.docx
Islam:external image x-zip.png Islam WS.docx

Sample Slideshow Rough Draft Example:

Step 2: Complete the Peer Review Worksheet

Step 3: Complete your Individual Slide(s)

Individual Slide Checklist
Consider your slides ready to combine with the groups
1. All titles, bullets, and pictures have been entered into each slide
2. All narration has been typed into the notes section of each slide
3. All text has been animated
4. Rehearse timing and record narration for your slide
5. Save your slides to your team folder in the "I" drive

Step 4: Combine your Individual Slides into a single Group Presentation

Group Slides Checklist:
Once group members have saved their slides to the team folder you need to complete the following tasks
1. Create a new blank PowerPoint Presentation (which will become your group presentation) and open up each group members slides
2. Highlight all of one group member's slides and "copy" (right click, copy).
3. In the Blank group presentation "paste" (right click, paste) the slides where you want them to appear in the "slides" menu on the left hand side of the PowerPoint screen.
4. Repeat this process for each group members slides. Slides should be pasted in the order of parts from the webquest. The group member doing part 1 should have a title slide with all group members names on it.
5. Create a "Sources" page at the end of your presentation (if a group member already started this just have each group member add to it).
6. Complete any design elements that you would like (slide design, color, picture formating). Keep in mind that designs that you created in your individual slides probably will not transfer when you paste them into the group presentation.
7. Print out a final copy of your presentation as "Notes Pages." This will serve as your groups script if everyone followed directions.
8. Record Narration/Rehearse Timing: You must at least rehearse the timing of your presentation, but I would prefer that your group record narration (if you don't record narration then you will have to present your narration in front of the class when you slideshow is presented). This will record how long you want each bullet and slide to be shown on screen. Be sure to practice reading your narration when you do this. This is the final step, once you are done with this you can turn in your presentation by saving it to the drop box folder of our class shared folder.